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The Designer

My name is Colleen and creating/designing has been a passion of mine for many, many years!

That picture is of my lovely family. They are the reason Empowered Designs came to life.


What started as a fun side gig that allowed me to be creative while I was raising our two little girls, slowly grew into the business it is today. 

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Let's rewind for a minute

A little backstory about me so you can understand why I am so passionate about aligning your designs with your company's purpose and vision and making sure you're clients feel what you are trying to achieve with your purpose.

Before children, I worked at an Environmental Consulting firm in the city that went through a major company rebrand and identity shift. As the Executive Assistant to the CEO of the company I got to experience and see firsthand how important a company's purpose, mission and core values are to its identity and more importantly employee and client buy-in. 

We went through major company-wide training, team building and spent a lot of time learning the ways of Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Patrick Lencioni (Getting Naked) and the importance of alignment.

Each client touchpoint from our company's voicemail messages to final documentation needed to convey through company language, font and imagery, our company's purpose and core values. 

If you can get your clients to feel your passion, your core values (ex., trust, collaboration) then you remove yourself from the commodity business and into a company that builds relationships with your clients. 

This training and learning experience is something

I will carry with me in all my future endeavours.


It really started my shift in perception on what success is in business, the importance of being authentically you and that you can be small but have a strong and large presence in any industry. 

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Moving forward  to present day

I started designing websites for friends and family during my first maternity leave just as a creative outlet.

After having my second little one, I lost that creative outlet because having two under two consumed most, who am I kidding, all of my time. It's just been recently that I have had the time to reflect on what lights me up... 

Creating and designing is that light 

I look forward to sharing my passion with you!

With the small businesses I have worked with already, I see that same level of passion in their business. We all have our own unique skills and areas of strength, it's so easy to feel like you need to do it all, but I am here to say you don't!

Let me take that weight off your shoulders and together we can build amazing brand and marketing material that is aligned with your purpose and make your clients feel what you are trying to put out to the world! 

Just because you are a small business, start-up or a solo entrepreneur does not mean your branding can't be BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!

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Words from Empowered Clients

pure health clinic logo

Kelly Goorts, Pure Health Clinic, Wasaga Beach

Back in 2018 when I founded my company, Colleen designed the website and helped with the logo design.  The website has gone through many changes as I've grown as an acupuncturist and person, and Colleen has always been working to ensure it meets my current vision and strategy. 


In addition to the website, Colleen assists with all the behind the scene items, from marketing emails, social media posts, as well as printed material.  Colleen ensures that every touchpoint is consistent with the Pure Health Brand.  I am not sure where I would be today, without all her support.  

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