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Website Design

Your website is your home base therefore it should be aligned, simple to  navigate and informative.  

I specialize in designing Wix websites because I feel their dashboard (backend) and editor are very user-friendly which empowers my clients to take ownership of their website and gives them the confidence to make small changes themselves.  


Rest assured, I am available for support anytime!


As you and your company grow, don't be surprised if you feel your website doesn't align with your purpose anymore, that is quite common and I am here to help you revise, rebrand and realign your website when that time comes!

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The Wellness Farm Retreat
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Brand Alignment

Do you have your Company's purpose, vision and core values solidified and now need help creating a Logo and Brand Kit (i.e., font, colours, imagery)?

This is the perfect time to connect with Empowered Designs.


With your ideas and my creativity, we can design a Brand Kit that is powerful, aligned and eye-catching for your company.  

Interested in continuing this conversation?

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Print  Marketing

All marketing material, no matter how big or small needs to be consistent, eyecatching and as you may know from reading the rest of my website, aligned with your purpose ;) 

Here are some examples of print marketing materials I can create for you:

  • Email signatures

  • Signage

  • Presentation templates

  • Business cards

  • Letterhead

  • Brochures, flyers, posters

  • Thank-you Cards

  • Folder Covers

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The Wellness Farm Retreat
Simple Life Naturopathic
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Simple Life Naturopathic

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing materials, just like print, need to express your company's purpose through its look and feel. However, I feel they tend to be bolder fonts, brighter colours and more animated so people stop scrolling to read what you have to share. 

Examples of digital marketing materials I can create for you are:

  • Email Marketing Templates

  • Lead Magnet Pop-Ups for your website

  • Editable PDF workbooks, guides, booklets 

  • Promotional posters for contests, sales

  • Social Media posts designs

  • Automated Emails 

  • Landing Pages

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Let's start working on bringing your
Vision to life
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